Never stop learning

Never stop learning


The quote that says that “knowledge is power” is so true.

Knowledge is power, but applied knowledge is applied power. Possessing knowledge is equivalent to having a full tank of petrol in your car but applied knowledge is when you actually put the car in gear and begin to drive.

What this information will do is to provide you with the power that you need in order to be a barrier breaker in the affairs of life, but whether or not you apply this vital information is in nobody’s hands but yours.

You and you alone are ultimately responsible for your life and one of the dangers of acquiring knowledge is that once you have it, you will no longer have a valid excuse for not rising above the circumstance that you find yourself in.

One of the most important keys to barrier breaking is the pursuit of knowledge. We live in an information age and as such, there are books available out there for every single human ailment. There are books that relate to money and finance issues, relationships and marriage, parenting, anger management, healthy eating, and so on and so forth. All you need to do is Google your subject matter and a list of books and names of experts in that field will come up. This is the beauty of technology. It gives you and I easy access to information.

So make a decision now to Never Stop Learning.

From the desk of,

Paul Okade

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